The Lady in Flames

Lady in flames

Idea dump 4

So, they get the relics… they figure out how to stop the lady of fire with like a circle… almost like a pentagram… they fight her and then they have to each stand at a point around the circle and place their blood onto their spot while wearing the relic and have the lady of fire in the center of it… so then my plan is nearly complete to go back but the room goes pure void white and all you see are the party members, the circle, and the lady of fire who is now the little girl (at this point they should put 2 and 2 together about the girl) she glows and a bright flash happens… then when everyone opens their eyes, they are in the town right before the war would have started… (she basically saved them from dying in the ritual) and that would pretty ensure my character to lose his shit that they didnt all die… and the final fight starts, here is the kicker, the fight catches the attention of the 2 armies and I was the reason the final battle started to begin with… and if the party defeats me then the last thing my character should see is him not being able to stop his sister dying and him going down the same path… boom
Josh Eversole
oooooh chills
so there should totally be a monologue exposition from the little girl or your character or maybe a little bit from her and then from you at the end there
just to tie everything together
At what point?
Josh Eversole
and the flashes of white with the little girl will every now and again have words attached like " go away" and stuff things to hint she is trying to help you
at the end
like it flashes to white.. the characters are dying and the says a few things and then says she will help.
then your character flips his wig and explains the rest before tyring to murder them himself
and of course we wil ldrop hints the whole time.
OH! and your character remembers that before the armies attacked your city the sky went black and ash fell
and due to that your character took that on as his own moniker as a reminder of that day
Right lol
Josh Eversole
nice closed time loop
Yup :-P
Anyway lol have fun at work!
Josh Eversole
lol we coudl pick up the naex campaign with the same characters trying to get back to their own time lol
Perhaps lol
Or they find my body near me as a kid and they have an opportunity to kill him or they could take him with them on their journey…
Josh Eversole
but then you cause a time praradox!
I was figuring the kid that was you would run off, getting lost in the mix of fighters
giving you a chance to become the villain
Not necessarily… it would just stop the battle in the town if he was killed. And im talking the kid is sitting there holding his dead sister crying and fusious
So you give the party the option to leave him be, kill him and fix a shit ton of history, or take him with you and hope you can make him a better person
Josh Eversole
that is what I mean. Killing you as a kid would cause a paradox. because if you are dead you couldn’t have transported them back to kill him which means he wouldn’t have died so they do go back and kill him which stops them from taking them back
and if they take him with them it means that nothign they do will change is eventual turn
plus if they can change past events then the future that is their present that they go back to wont be the one they left
No no… if you kill him as a kid… there is no him in the future to go back in time… which only means that the battle would never have happened… basically altering time…
Josh Eversole
I kinda like the idea of neatly closing the time loop
basically showing you cant change the past
Its basically the idea of “the lives of many outway the few”… as a choice lol
And i get where you are coming from… i just like the idea of throwing a wrench in it :-P and seeing what happens… cuz its usually bad
Josh Eversole
yeah but who knows what other ramifications might incur from stopping that .
you’d kill him, get back to your timeline and find shit is even worse lol and then they would have to go back and stop themselves from killing him all over again
super confusing
Nah, honestly they probably wouldnt exist
Some of them
You thinking too linear about time also lol the party would basically be pulling a hoenhiem
Splitting timelines
But i also don’t mind leaving it closed lol just a thought
Josh Eversole
well yeah I was going with a non-branching concept of time
which would disallow muddling with the timeline beyond what the timeline would allow. effectively any time travel is already written into past events because it technically already happened
but if you go for a branching timeline then yeah when you make a change it would split you into an alternate reality but it would also mean that he couldnt have been the cause of the war he remembered which is why I was going with a non-branching timeline concept2:35 PM


JoshEversole JoshEversole

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